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Uganda Police Urges Caution On Mobile Money Transactions After Bomb Attacks

Uganda Police Urges Caution On Mobile Money Transactions After Bomb Attacks

Police in Uganda have asked mobile money operators and fuel dealers to report suspicious unusual transactions.

The call follows the latest bomb explosions that left two people killed. On October 23, a bomb exploded at a pork joint in near Kampala and two days later, another explosion inside a passenger bus.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that they arrested three people for receiving and distributing $114,000 to Allied Democratic Front (ADF) terror cells in the country.

“Community especially fuel dealers, mobile money agents should look out for unusual transactions … they can take interest in somebody who is withdrawing lots of money at awkward hours,” said Asan Kasingye the police’s chief political commissar during a weekend presser.

Kasingye also appealed to passengers to insist on being checked before using public transport.

“If they don’t check you, then you should know that there is probably another person who has not been checked. Then your safety is not granted by that act, so insist on body checking, and of luggage,” Kasingye said.

He says that all police stations have been directed to provide police counter numbers and toll-free lines to help people in alerting police.

Kasingye also said that members of the public should do background checks on employees, house helpers before and after employing them. He added that LC I chairpersons should start profiling all residents and visitors in the village registers and holding regular village meetings.

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