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South Sudan News Makers: (Maama) Rebecca Nyandeng Garang

South Sudan News Makers: (Maama) Rebecca Nyandeng Garang

Rebecca Nyandeng Garang popularly known as Maama Garang is one of the Vice Presidents of  South Sudanese in the newly formed Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNoU).

She is the widow of Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the founding father of the SPLA, the rebel movement that birthed South Sudan as a republic.

The mystery death of her husband did not hold Maama Garang back in advocating for the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed by Dr. John Garang before his death on 30 July 2005.

She was very principle in the peace process until the South attained independence on 9 July 2011. She engaged the international community including the United States, United Kingdom and Norway to support the peace process.

Prior to independence, Maama Garang made numerous visits to the US and met president George W Bush and top officials in the Obama administration to see the full implementation and liberation of the Republic of South Sudan.

She was appointed Minister of roads in the transition period (2005-2011) ahead of independence. Maama Garang also served President Salva Kiir as an advisor from independence in 2011-2013 before the fallout between Kiir and top party officials that esclated into a 6-year civil war.

During the civil war, Nyandeng continued to lobby the region and the international community to intervene in the conflict that claimed hundred of thousands of lives, displacing millions. She blamed president Kiir for the violence.

Maama Garang was part of the protracted negotiations between warring parties and the government of president Kiir which is responsible for the current ceasefire and Unity government.

Maama Garang is a renowned advocate of the right and welfare of women in South Sudan.

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