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Kiir Acquires ‘Japanese Necklaces Which Kill Coronavirus’ — Spokesperson

Kiir Acquires ‘Japanese Necklaces Which Kill Coronavirus’ — Spokesperson

South Sudan Presidency has reportedly acquired controversial  Japanese-made “Virus Shut Out” necklaces that are rumored to kill the novel coronavirus before it is inhaled.

The device, which is won around the neck has not been approved or recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, Japanese makers say wearing the device around the neck creates a barrier against germs and viruses, especially in workplaces, public transport, and any other crowded space where airborne germs and viruses are a risk.

South Sudan Presidential Spokesperson Ateny Wek Ateny said the devices “were donations from the Prime Minister of Japan last month to the President of the Republic of South Sudan but they arrived just this week.”

“It was donated specifically for the leadership; the President and those around him, because they said it will help to disinfect within three meters,” Ateny added.

This week, pictures of President Salva Kiir, the Minister in the Office of the President, Mayiik Ayii and Information Minister, Michael Makuei, were circulated online showing the officials wearing the blue card.

Virus Shut Outs are being marketed online through mass advertising but have also registered significant opposition from Europe and America.

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Federal authorities in the United States for example have blocked “significant”  importation of the devices citing controversy around it.

“These products, such as the item ‘Virus Shut Out,’ are not registered with the (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and are being halted under federal pesticide laws,” according to a joint statement issued by the EPA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Meanwhile Ateny also dispelled rumors that President Salva Kiir has contracted the virus and was flown to Egypt for special treatment. He said Kiir was at his residence in Juba.

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