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Kenya: Ruling Jubilee Top Official Says It’s Time To Reward Raila

Kenya: Ruling Jubilee Top Official Says It’s Time To Reward Raila

A top official from Kenya’s ruling Jubilee Party says it’s time the country rewards former Premier and opposition chief Raila Odinga for his contribution to the growth of democracy in East Africa’s economic giant.

David Murathe, the Jubilee Vice Chairperson told a local television KTN that plans are underway to propel Odinga to presidency in what will be a “Mandela-like Moment” in 2022.

Murathe said Odinga, 75, will be a transitional president who will clear the way for generation change in Kenya’s political order.

“We think it’s time Kenyans rewarded the years of struggle of Raila Amollo Odinga. They owe it to him. It’s like Mandela, and 2022 will be a Mandela Moment,” he said.

Kenyatta’s two five-year terms end in 2022 and his deputy William Ruto has already marketed himself both within the ruling Jubilee Party and the country as heir-apparent, causing rifts within the party.

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In June, Kenyatta hinted at changing the country’s political system through a referendum saying there is need to revisit the constitution to end “senseless cycles of  violence” which always comes every after elections.

This is “not a moment to replace the 2010 constitution, but one to improve on it,” Kenyatta, the son of the nation’s first president, said in a speech to mark Independence Day. “A moment that we right what we didn’t get correct in 2010.”

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